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Wednesday, March 7, 2012 Etiquetas: , ,

Soon Google will launch encryption (SSL) in local domains (,,, etc..).
Despite this safety, is only active when we are within our Google account, this will lead to more confidence, more privacy and security in the searches.
All this security is welcome, at a time when Google starts giving more relevance and privacy to the user and group of people in your network (Google +) and since he is often not aware of a variety of network web attacks, identity theft or fraudulent use.
But for a marketer, does he have some kind og advantage will with all this security? Although there are alternatives to Google Analytics, this is still a very useful tool for managing a site.
Some time ago, Google reported that it will not provide information about the keywords that brought a user to visit a particular site, now supports with encryption SSL (https), but all this security can be "manipulated". Beiing an advertiser you will still have all the keywords available. The question remains: What is the difference in the protection of search among a normal user and an advertiser? Well ... they pay... simple.
Google indicated that the impact will be less with this change so that the keywords must appear to those not logged in by Gmail, but with the integration of all Google services, the advantages that the user have being logged in, this number will grow exponentially. It is not yet known whether this change will affect Google Analytics Premium.
With this policy, Google is becoming not only more secure and safer but is giving a competitive advantage in PPC segment.
For now we can always count on the top of the main words in Webmaster Tools and Bing, who has not followed in the footsteps of Google.
We may draw the conclusion that Google will distinguish even more between user and advertisers.

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