Backstabbing of Google

Sunday, January 15, 2012 Etiquetas: ,

Here's a thing, Google policy "do no evil" is...not so good.
Mocality, a reputable Business Directory in Kenya, has a different prespective about Google.
When Goolge launch in September the Getting Kenyan Business Online (GKBO), Mocality saw it like a competitive challenge, and hope a "clean" competitor.
Since that time Mocality start to receive odd calls from costumers asking to help on the site (thing not supported by Mocality).
After further analysis, they discovered that Google was contacting costumers from the Business Directory and sayind thad Mocality was working in collaboratin with Google and helping them (not so true...) and Mocality was "under" Google. They even charge 200$ for listings! Here's a snick pick of the calls (it's confused so here's a translation from another call captured).
Is this the procedure from a Big Company like Google to get in the market? Is this the first time that occured?
Google already sorryed for the act, and will investigate the subject, but is this enough? If Mocality doesn't investigate they will stop? Can read all story in this blog.
What would you thinking???

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