SEO TOOLS - Paid VS Free

Thursday, June 28, 2012

You know that when you enter in the world of SEO it's no escape. That's so many things you can learn that it's overwhelming just to think. So learning is a big part of SEO, that's the part you need to do first before you "put you'r hands in the dirt".
So, when you start to study you realise that you need some tool to understand better what you are doing (for me works like this...) and you start to realise that the best tools aren't free and they are in some cases very expensive...and you must pay monthly...yaikss :/. So for a starter this start to be a problem. All that knowledge, all that hard work in finding the best answers to understand SEO and know you have to pay.
So, fear not my friends, here are some tools for you to start optimizing your websites and see the amazing world of SEO.


When you start to search some tools for SEO, instantly you find the website from SEOmoz, and you see on the page "Pricing & Plans" and you think ohhh %$&#" is not free. Before you go away just stay a little bit on the site and make the register to find some great stuff. Once you register you can ask questions in the forum and learn some great stuff from guys that have seriously knowledge in this subject.
A great tool from SEOmoz is Open Site Explorer. With this tool you can compare 5 websites simultaneously and check for the page authority, Domain Authority; Linking Root Domains, Total Links, Anchor Text and Link Metrics (at this point a great part of your study is done and you know what i'm talking about), and then you can export them to CSV, how great is that! And everything for free!! 
So, and if you want to analyse some geek stuff like the communication from the server to the browser? Well Fiddler do the job just well. Here you can check the response of the website, Host, Url and see if you have some error pages (404).
Another program that is essential for SEO is Screaming Frog. This is a smal program you can install on Pc or Mac that spiders the website's links, images, CSS, scripts, pages titles, meta keywords (yeah yeah, they are not so relevant this days but if you have too much it can be consider spam), client and server side erros, redirects, etc, etc, you MUST install this. As free edition you can only scan as much as 500 pages, but for starts is rather good.
Xenu is another great program where you can see your page status code, size, outbound links, page errors, load time and more.
If you, for some reason, want to "spy" your competition and analyse their backlinks you can use SpyGlass from Link Assistant. As a free tool is very very good. You can check the number of backlinks of your competitor, Google pageRank of every backlink, the exact anchor text and anchor url, link value, etc etc. With this tool you have the oportunity to build your links more easily, but i must advise you that Google is penalizing backlinks came from poor websites and link farms, so if your competitor website is penalized you will be too for the same reasons. Act carefully on this.


Another thing about SEO is that you must get familiarized with browsers and work with them as they are you family (well not family but close friends...). The best browsers to work with SEO are Firefox and Chrome, they have sooooo many extensions that is hark to count them.
So start with Firefox, one of the best Extensions is the SEOquake extension. With this extension activated you can access as many information on the page as your brain can handle. Starting with page info, Page Rank, How many pages Google and Bing has indexed in this domain, age of the domain, how many interactions from Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus this page have, information about the server, keyword density, description about Text/HTML Ratio and much more.
Another extra for firefox is the Backlink Explorer. With this tool (as it says) do best for your backlinks, as it search your backlinks in Bing, Blekko, searchmetrics and more.
As you know, speed plays a major role in websites as Google and other search engines are giving it much more importance as it gives better user experience. So what do you want to measure speed? Well lori is a great tool to measure the speed and page size of a website.
So...know that we'r more or less done with Firefox, let's see the Chrome.
As i mention above SEOmoz have great tools for free. If you use Chrome (or Firefox) you can use their extension and almost instantly you can check some page elements as no-followed / followed links, internal, external, keywords, ranktracker, Text to Code Ratio, Bold / Strong words (gives relevance to those keywords) and some other great SEO tools.
The Meta SEO Inspector is another tool that you can't loose. This extension is mainly aimed at web developers that need to verify the description tag of their site to follow the Webmasters' Google Guidelines, SEO, or even to who is curious about page contents that are usually not visible, but can reveal interesting site properties. Alerts are showed when the meta data is not within certain ranges, for example when the description tag is too short, or too long.
SEO Workers have an excellent tool that allows you to perform a basic analysis of the page in your browser with a single click. The results from the SEO Workers Analysis Tool are displayed on their site.
With some sort of limit and with more work you can get as almost information about your site as a paid versions with these free tools.
So, it's up to you if you want to experiment this tools or go on adventure on your own and find others that's suit you.

Google Encrypted Search - HTTPS

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Soon Google will launch encryption (SSL) in local domains (,,, etc..).
Despite this safety, is only active when we are within our Google account, this will lead to more confidence, more privacy and security in the searches.
All this security is welcome, at a time when Google starts giving more relevance and privacy to the user and group of people in your network (Google +) and since he is often not aware of a variety of network web attacks, identity theft or fraudulent use.
But for a marketer, does he have some kind og advantage will with all this security? Although there are alternatives to Google Analytics, this is still a very useful tool for managing a site.
Some time ago, Google reported that it will not provide information about the keywords that brought a user to visit a particular site, now supports with encryption SSL (https), but all this security can be "manipulated". Beiing an advertiser you will still have all the keywords available. The question remains: What is the difference in the protection of search among a normal user and an advertiser? Well ... they pay... simple.
Google indicated that the impact will be less with this change so that the keywords must appear to those not logged in by Gmail, but with the integration of all Google services, the advantages that the user have being logged in, this number will grow exponentially. It is not yet known whether this change will affect Google Analytics Premium.
With this policy, Google is becoming not only more secure and safer but is giving a competitive advantage in PPC segment.
For now we can always count on the top of the main words in Webmaster Tools and Bing, who has not followed in the footsteps of Google.
We may draw the conclusion that Google will distinguish even more between user and advertisers.

New privacy policy on Google SEO

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In March 1º Google will implement the new policy. This consists in the integration of all google products that will be more accurate, more personalized and much more user oriented.
This step was made for the interest of user, and try to find what is more relevant for then (rumors saying that they will actualy tell you if you'r late for work based on you location and your calendar...).
Since all the Google products will be seen as one, your searches in Google will reflect the searches on youtube. So if you search for [jaguar] on Google the results are basicaly the same as if you search [jaguar] on you tube. All this happend if you'r logged on your Google account.
Does this affect SEO? Well, for my point of view...yes.
First, we must not be logged on for our results be more precise and don't "mining" the SERP's.
Second, user's don't tend to refine refine searches very much, they usualy stick to what firts pages gets, so more useful pages (and with a good optimization) may be left behind.
Third, when you search for some restaurante you can get information from a friend ( Goolge +) first and not the actual restaurante.
Most of the personalized content are here since 2005, now they introduce (Google +) on it and make you one giant client for them to study.
One other aspect is the "remarketing" of ADS. Goole can advertise you even when you'r in a non-Google website and not log on. This isn't based on what you search for but with a anonymous cookie tagged on an advertising site.
So, what does it mean?. If i search [buy car] in Google, you can start to see more Ads related to your search even if you'r not on a Google site but sites that carry Google Ads.
Finding the "opt-out" for this is no easy task but you can find it here.

There's a disable button too for Google + for them not to take relevance on your searches here.

Although remarketing has nothing to do with privacy policy. Even if you never create a google account retargeting happends through anonymous cookies.
So, if you don't bother with none of that, you will see more and more friends on search results...or simply.."unfriend" them.

The "Don´t Be Evil" Tool

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Soon Goole will release the "Search Plus your World" "thing" in any language (for now only in .com), that consist in integrating social in your search results. For ex. if you search for "movies" it will give more relevant results for users (showing or hiding personal results if you want...).

But what it really does is giving more relevance to Google + profiles and NOT the most relevant for that particulary search.
This Tool (yes it's safe and very easy to install ) will give you more relevant and updated content search focusing on user. What it means is if you have a Twitter account that have more updates than a Google + profile, is that account that will prevail). The companies behind the tool (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace)want to show that it really can be possible a better and more accurate content.
Goole must do what we expect it to do, relevant, accurate, and updated content not injecting Google + pages as the most relevant.
Google + can be a great product, but Google must give him a "fair trial"

Backstabbing of Google

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Here's a thing, Google policy "do no evil" is...not so good.
Mocality, a reputable Business Directory in Kenya, has a different prespective about Google.
When Goolge launch in September the Getting Kenyan Business Online (GKBO), Mocality saw it like a competitive challenge, and hope a "clean" competitor.
Since that time Mocality start to receive odd calls from costumers asking to help on the site (thing not supported by Mocality).
After further analysis, they discovered that Google was contacting costumers from the Business Directory and sayind thad Mocality was working in collaboratin with Google and helping them (not so true...) and Mocality was "under" Google. They even charge 200$ for listings! Here's a snick pick of the calls (it's confused so here's a translation from another call captured).
Is this the procedure from a Big Company like Google to get in the market? Is this the first time that occured?
Google already sorryed for the act, and will investigate the subject, but is this enough? If Mocality doesn't investigate they will stop? Can read all story in this blog.
What would you thinking???

Google + mais integrado no motor de busca

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Cada vez mais a google tem integrado as suas aplicações no motor de busca e com o google + não é exceção.
O que vai mudar então? Segundo o Google a pesquisa ficará mais integrada com os seus círculos, mostrando, por exemplo, as fotos que seus amigos compartilham no Picasa e também os posts que são colocados no Google+.
Outra coisa que muda é a pesquisa de pessoas, agora quando você pesquisar por alguém o Google mostrará perfis do Plus permitindo também que essa pessoa seja adicionada ao circulo.

And the Smartest Site on the Internet Is...

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Google now lets you filter sites by "reading level."

The Internet used to be full of highbrow reading material, until broadband penetration exploded and everyone with a credit card managed to find his or her way onto the Web. Finding your way back to the rarefied air that used to suffuse the 'net can be a slog, so Google has a new way to help you out: You can now sort sites by reading level.
(For those of you following along at home, under Google's "advanced" search, simply switch on this option by hitting the dropdown next to "Reading level.")
The results are fascinating. Searching for any term, no matter how mundane, and then hitting the "advanced" link at the top strips away all the spam, random blogs and all the rest of the claptrap from the advertisers, hucksters and mouthbreathers.
This is only one of the varieties of elitism enabled by the new feature, which was created by statistically analyzing papers from Google Scholar and school teacher-rated Web pages that are then compared to all the other sites in Google's index.
As pioneered by Adrien Chen of Gawker, by far the most interesting application of the tool is its ability to rate the overall level of material on any given site, simply by dropping site: [] into the search box.
By this measure, the hallowed halls of the publication you're reading now fare pretty well:
Not quite as well as some sites that share our audience:
But certainly better than certain other, decidedly middlebrow, publications:
It's when you turn to the scientific journals that the competition really heats up:
And the battle between traditional and open access publishing models takes on a new dimension:
(Just for reference, Here's how MIT itself performs)
And, much as I'm loathe to admit it, the smartest site on the Internet is...
Meanwhile, excluding sites aimed at children, here's the dumbest: